Merit Badges

In addition to the Cub Scout Ranks and electives, Cub Scouts may earn dozens of additional awards that exapnd upon the basic rank requriements. In addition, Cub Scouts may earn Honor awards to recognize outstanding good deeds.

Below you will discover activity patches which have been earned by Pack 7 Scouts. These patches are awarded to those scouts who participate in events throughout the year. These patches are displayed on the Cub Scouts Brag Vest which scouts wear, or on a Brag Blanket, to show off awards which are not worn on the official scout uniform.

Some of these activity related patches may be rank specific such as rank related camping opportunities others will include all scouts within the pack. Scouts must be present at each event to earn the patch. If you participated in one of these events but did not receive a patch, please contact your den or pack leader as soon as possible so that you can get your patch.

Sample Pack 7 Merit Badges