Blue and Gold Dinner

The Blue and Gold Banquet is a family affair providing the entire pack an opportunity to come together and to share a festive atmosphere. For packs all over America the Blue and Gold Banquet is one of many highlights of the scouting year. The event is often thought of as a birthday party for the Cub Scouts. One that is celebrated on or around the anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America which was organized in February of 1910; with the Cub Scouts being organized 20 years later in 1930.

The primary purpose of the Blue and Gold Banquet is to observe the pack's anniversary, acknowledge the packs leaders and any other adults who have been instrumental in the pack's success, and inspire the leaders, Scouts, and parents. Some packs take the opportunity to invite former members and other community leaders to the banquet to speak to, and to inspire the current pack.

The actually dinner can take place in a restaurant and it's the celebration of the scouting that has taken place leading up to the event and for that which will follow the event. It's about bringing scouts and their families together in a friendly environment where they can all share a day/night of fun - not to mention the opportunity to be recognized for scouting advancement and its related awards.

Event Details

Pack 7 usually has the Blue and Gold Diner in late March.